As well as our local outreach work in our community, we also support other charities or causes.  Various fund raising events will be arranged to support those charities and details of the events will be posted here and / or on our Calendar.

Rhoda Chidongo

rhodaFor many years St Thomas have sent financial support to a community in coastal Kenya called Kinango to help them build facilities and generally have a better quality of life.


Although that support has now ended, we still have a commitment to help fund one of the Kinango students as she studies medicine in Kenya.  Rhoda is now in her second year of her studies in Nairobi.  We recently received the following email from Rhoda:


"I would like to appreciate all your efforts during my 1st year of studying Medicine at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. I am now in my second year second semester. We had gone to the Coast for our community diagnosis. We spent one month and two weeks. It was really a great experience. We were able to interact and diagnose diseases affecting communities in Kilifi County.


I really appreciate that you paid fees in time and I was able to go for the community diagnosis. May God bless your efforts. I thank the St.Thomas Church for the efforts they have shown to me who is in great thirst to do Medicine and be of help to the communities and worldwide as well.


My dad and the rest of the family is grateful for what you have contributed in my progress. Though it’s tough for him to keep with the progress it’s all our prayer that ends will meet even with your prayers.


I thank you all be blessed by our Lord Jesus.
Yours friendly,
Rhoda Munga"


Our funding of Rhoda's medical education is a longterm commitment and we have a number of events planned to raise awareness and reach our financial targets.


children like this need your care

Knitting squares is such a simple humble thing to do but it can have far reaching consequences and can help change lives.


'Knit-a-Square' is a small charity based in South Africa and seeks to bring a bit of warmth and comfort to AIDS orphans of which there are several million in South Africa alone.


It was started by Ronda Lorrie who saw a need in her community and responded to it. What she saw was children wandering around in winter (it does get down to freezing and below around Johannesburg) so she started buying cheap blankets but the need was so great there was no way she could really make that much difference.


She had close family in Australia who gained skills in web design. Whilst she was visiting them they came all came up with a plan. The idea was simple to encourage knitters from around the world to knit some squares which could be sent to South Africa where they could be sewn up into suitably sized blankets.The Australian family built a web site and Ronda went back to South Africa and organised volunteers. So Knit-a-Square was born and now people from over forty countries are sending knitted or crocheted 20cm/8 inch squares to help keep orphaned children warm.


When a child receives a blanket each one is told that they are loved and they matter. It is not only blankets they need. Beanies sweaters and soft toys are also needed


Several people in St Paul's have been inspired to be part of this charity. I must mention Mary Hopton Pugh who has knitted 2000 squares! That is 57 children who have a lovely blanket to keep them warm when it is cold! Rev Roger Hides has also been inspired to take up his needles at our vision day.


If you would like to know more and want to be part of this simple charity go to where there is lots of information pictures and instruction.


(Contact Jenny Smith at St Pauls for any further information)