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Our Circuit Magazine 'Roundabout' connects our churches and is printed on a monthly basis.  As well as providing loads of news, it is also a good read!

The latest copy is available in church.

The Ceredigion Circuit maintains an archive of documents related to the Methodist churches and chapels in Ceredigion. This includes archival material for all English- and Welsh-language Methodist congregations in Ceredigion for which records have survived.

Until 2000 this archive was placed on deposit in the National Library of Wales. In 2000 the National Library changed its policy and began transferring the archive to Ceredigion Archives. All new deposits from the circuit since 2000 have been made to Ceredigion Archives. Despite this, it should be noted that much of the archive has not yet been transferred by the National Library and there are also some Plans and printed ephemera which will remain among the collections of printed materials in the National Library.

Ceredigion Archives has a complete online listing of its holdings at under the heading ‘Nonconformist Records’. Some of the National Library’s holdings are listed in the Library’s online catalogue at but most are still in printed lists which may be consulted in the Library’s South Reading Room. If you would like any further guidance on the archive or if you have anything you feel may be suitable for deposit please contact the Circuit Archivist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Interviews with key figures of the Methodist world who shed more light on the Methodist Church.


Preaching Plan

Our Preaching Plan is available through the office.  Please call 01970 626703.