Deepening Discipleship

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There are two university towns within the Ceredigion Circuit, we are delighted to provide chaplaincy services in Aberystwyth and Lampeter.

University of Aberystwth

St. Paul’s is home to a very active student group – Methsoc. As well as sharing in Sunday worship, including Open Space, a Sunday evening service with students in mind, MethSoc meets each Tuesday during term time at the Manse, 32 Edgehill Road. There are also lots of informal activities during the week and a Bible study, usually held on the Campus each Friday. For more info about MethSoc please please see their website.

University of Wales Trinity St David in Lampeter

Student Christian activities in Lampeter are focussed on the interdenominationalwork with, the Christian Union and the College Chapel.

Revd Marty Presdee, is the Methodist and Free Church Chaplain to the university.


Interviews with key figures of the Methodist world who shed more light on the Methodist Church.


Preaching Plan

Our Preaching Plan is available through the office.  Please call 01970 626703.

Word in Time

A daily Bible study from the main Methodist Church in Britain website.